About Vald'or Apparel

Val D’or Apparel (est. 2006)  embarked on a strategy of building on its core manufacturing competencies in order to maximize efficiency and minimize cost.

In 2014,  the company exited from manufacturing in Jordan  and aligned its sales and manufacturing strategy to maximize the duty-free benefits out of Haiti.   The resulting business model, centers on the manufacturing of both basic and value-added, high-duty garments, assembled from circular and warp knitted fabrics.

With highly respected and knowledgeable top management relocated to Haiti,  Best Practices Duplicated for highest QA levels, A brand new State of Art Facility,   A focus on Flat lock operations & a  training school on site,  A set up strategy involving Better Work Haiti and FLA  to ensure the highest level of  Social Compliance ,  Val D’or has been   elevated  to the forefront of low-cost, high-quality apparel manufacturing.

Val D’or Apparel is headquartered in Coconut Creek, Florida, from where its senior management, sales and accounting personnel operate.



The company is an active participant in the apparel national trade associations in  the United States  Val D’or’s president is a Director on the Board of the American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA) In addition,  ValD’or Haiti is working closely with Better Work Haiti and FLA  and has earned the reputation of being the “Go To” factory in Haiti.