Vald'or Certifications

Member of Better Work Haiti –  From its inception ValD’or Apparel  has been working closely with Better Work Haiti to become the leader in Social Compliance in Haiti.

Member of FLA (Fair Labor Organization)

Walmart Approved Facility

WRAP Gold Certification

HBI Approved

VF Approved

Kohl s Approved

Reebok/Adidas Approved

New Balance Approved

Old Navy/Gap Outlet Approved



Social Compliance

Never before has Social Compliance assumed such an important role in the global apparel industry as it does today. The health, safety and general welfare of workers as well as the sustainability and care of the natural environment are among the core values and principles upon which the modern-day global supply chain is built.

Vald’or Apparel Haiti  manufacturing operation,  has assumed a leading role in social compliance, by adopting its own internal code of Conduct as well as working closely with Better Work Haiti and FLA in order   serve as a model. In addition, the company is in the process of  WRAP certification (Worldwide Responsible Apparel Producers)